YNW Melly just got out of jail a week before the Super Bowl, and he’s off to the races dropping new music. He was only locked up for a few weeks, but they may have been the most critical few weeks of his life, as his biggest release to date, “We All Shine,” dropped on January 18th. It features superstar Kanye West on the song, “Mixed Personalities”, and it’s doing very well.

In the middle of all this, YNW Melly has dropped what appears to be a brand new single, “Gang”, even though his new album was only released last month. “Gang” seems to be a song in celebration of his release from jail, and comes with an impressive video that shows the moment Melly walked out to his family.

It’s a hot beat involved in this situation with YNW Melly doing his usual scatterbrain snapping about guns and thots, as the video shows him twisting up his fingers a lot. The visual also features some very cool cameos by the game’s hottest young stars right now, and YNW Melly’s energy really helps the track pop – he’s just an entertaining guy.

I give “Gang” by YNW Melly 3 out of 5 Daggers. The visual is hot, but the lyrics lack focus, and it does not Draw Blood.

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