Lil Pump is on full-tilt with the run-up to his new album, “Harvard Dropout,” due out February 22nd. We heard his track “Butterfly Doors” right before the turn of the year, and now Lil Pump has delivered “Racks On Racks”.

Lil Pump keeps the theme going, as he pushes jams featuring mindless fun on high energy beats. “Racks On Racks” really jumps with a cranking beat featuring cool sounds and a gripping base tone. The video is perfect for Lil Pump as he has fun with a helicopter pilot, a ton of mostly naked models, and space-age toy guns. His rhyme flow is mostly a rhythmic repeating loop of sexual conquests, but the track is pumped and it’s fun.

I give “Racks On Racks” 3 out 5 Daggers. The beat wins, but his rhymes are copy paste – it does not Draw Blood.

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