YoungBoy NBA was arrested yesterday in an Atlanta hotel with one of his baby mamas – her name is Starr Thigpen. With mugshots that look like they’re criminally insane, the twosome launched an attack on hotel staff.

TMZ reports the hotel’s housekeeping staff noticed that the room the couple was in was supposed to be vacant, so they checked. When they entered the room, YoungBoy allegedly ordered Starr to get them out – so she attacked, and punched one of the workers in the face. Both of them were promptly arrested, and Youngboy was charged with weed possession, and a couple other misdemeanors.

It’s an important issue for the rapper because he’s on probation at the moment from an arrest just last year where he was caught on tape violently slamming his girlfriend at the time. Have a look at his behavior, on surveillance…

In addition to this, he also received an astonishing 10-year suspended sentence in an attempted murder case not long before this, so it will be interesting to see where the legal ball bounces for YoungBoy NBA. He’s looking at a court date on Tuesday.

We’ll provide updates as they become available. Until the next time it drips…

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