Rich The Kid and his crew were targeted in a robbery at the famed Westlake Studios in Los Angeles, California. A crew of jackers rushed in looking for cash and jewelry, and apparently they got away with a lot of it. Witnesses say lots of shots were fired, although there are no reports of anyone being hit. However, TMZ reports that a member of Rich The Kid’s associates was pistol whipped pretty badly.

We’re hearing that Rich was actually outside in his car when the whole thing went down, and he was not hurt. The crooks got away, but it wasn’t clean because they left shooting, and the police weren’t far behind.

A detail that has people buzzing about the situation is that R&B superstar Usher was actually there at the time, recording new music. Usher is just fine though, and he was seen walking out of the studio soon after the incident.

This is the second time in less than a year that Rich The Kid and his crew have been targeted for robbery. He was laid-up in the hospital with his girlfriend after they got robbed in downtown Los Angeles last summer. Here he is posing with major cash just a few hours before the jacking…

Rich might need to stop posing with so much money so often, or hire a Navy Seal team wherever he goes, seriously.

We’ll be watching for more details – until the next time it drips…

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