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Being on the case for only 10 months, attorney Michael Avenatti has uncovered a new and very damaging video that, allegedly, depicts R. Kelly having sex with yet another underaged girl. Have a look at Avenatti’s Twitter post…

In addition, CNN has viewed the tape and can verify it’s existence. They say the young girl in the video calls R. Kelly “daddy,” and according to CNN, he urinates on the young girl.

Avenatti has been working quietly with Cook County State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx. She’s been on the hunt for R. Kelly since Lifetime’s ratings bonanza, “Surviving R. Kelly,” aired. The two have managed to produce brand new evidence in lightning-fast time.

Why hasn’t the tape surfaced before now? A better question for all of R. Kelly’s alleged victims – has R. Kelly finally met his match in Michael Avenatti? Will the singer finally be brought to justice?

We’ll be watching for more details, and we’ll bring it to you. Until the next time it drips…

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