T.I. is swinging a lyrical machete at Floyd Mayweather on the track, “FN (Fu** Nig**).” An old school 70’s pimp track, T.I. rides the beat with a mix of his old flow, and his new school chop-flow for the times. Rattling off several of the persistent problems plaguing the community, T.I. wants to know, “who did you help?” With lyrics like…

“Damn it must sucks to be a fu** nig**. Old greedy ass nig** only thinking ’bout himself”.

Or snaps like,

“I swear, all the money in the world ain’t enough, nig**, if it mean I gotta live like a fu** nigga”.

Yikes! This is potent stuff man, seriously. We really need at least another verse, like life itself. Floyd is catching it from all angles since he callously walked into a Gucci store on camera, and declared that he didn’t care about the blackface controversy.

I give “FN (Fu** Nig**)” 5 out of 5 Daggers Drippin’ Wet! This song earns our hightest rating as T.I. breathes fire on the track, and it does Draw Blood.

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