Coming off a breakout 2018 with 2 hit albums, Juice Wrld is probably wanting to fire off a test balloon before his big tour with Nicki Minaj begins this week in Munich, Germany – he’ll soon have a world of things to occupy his time.

The single, “Robbery,” is a further dip into the emotional edge of Juice Wrld’s musical discovery. Though many have mislabeled his work as akin to Emo Music of the 90’s, he’s actually part of something new in music, creating a hybrid of hip hop rhyme skills with simultaneous true R&B harmony – a Trap Music fusion. Juice Wrld is of the future, not the past.

With lyrics like…

“One thing my heart tells me is flex on a hoe every time you’re insecure.”

… and full throated singing throughout, he keeps “Robbery” firmly in the interesting and entertaining territory. However, his play on the drunken theme of the song seems to go too far, with too much bleed-over into his performance, and doesn’t seem to work as the track plays on.

I give “Robbery” 3 out of 5 Daggers. Hot ideas and lyrics, but the track is not to par, and the performance is overthought – it does not Draw Blood.

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