Trippie Red is back with another single gearing up for his next release. After achieving his highest Billboard position with the mixtape, “A Love Letter To You,” Trippie sees just how far he can take his next project, and “Time To Die” is a reflection of that.

This is one of Trippie’s best releases in a long time. Though he’s still sticking to the same lyrical script about gang ties and pushing foreign whips, Trippie does manage to dig in hot with a flow that works, and the track rides smooth, even with the aggression of a phrase like “time to die.”

FreeMoney800 does a good job, but the track might have benefited more with another verse of Trippie Red’s approach. Overall, the song just sounds good, and it could go far. Who knows if this one will lead the next project, but it’s a contender.

I give “Time To Die” 3 out of 5 Daggers. It’s easy to rock with, but there’s nothing new lyrically, and it does not Draw Blood.

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