Offset has an amazing career and a storied personal life with superstar rapper, Cardi B. Being married to the most popular rapper in the world, it’s only fitting that he be a member of the hottest rap group in the world, the Migos.

Although “FATHER OF 4” is Offset’s debut solo album, he didn’t really promote it or drop a single until after Cardi B was done with the spotlight of the Grammys. Time will tell if that hurts album sales, but I’m only here to break down what’s hot and what’s not about Offset’s new project. This is a No Cap! Album Review. Let’s Go!

Off the top, these are the 3 hottest songs on the album…

“North Star” by Offset feat. CeeLo Green

“Clout” by Offset feat. Cardi B

“On Fleek” by Offset feat. Quavo

The best song and hottest musical expression on the whole record is “North Star” featuring CeeLo Green. In this one, Offset is reflecting on his life as a father, and at the same time, dealing with the pressures of fake friends, and music industry smoke and mirrors.

CeeLo doesn’t appear until the end, but he delivers an inspired CeeLo Green-styled soulful expression that the track was waiting for. Offset tempered the piece perfectly until CeeLo came in and brought the point of the song home awesomely – great work.

Next up is the single, “Clout” with Cardi B. Letting the listener know that people will do anything for clout, Offset says…

“Bitch, watch your mouth. (watch it) Bitch, stay in your place. (place) Bitch, get out the way. (Move) My bitch on your ass, Kim K. (yeah) “No disrespect (nah). The nig** be tripping, but we love Ye. (Tripping)

Offset also coins a new phrase on the track, the “IG disease.” Cardi B delivers the best verse on the album with quotes like…

“They using my name for clickbait. Bitches even wanna start fake beef, to sell their little weave and a mixtape.”

This is a hot one, and should blow up on radio.

On the track, “On Fleek,” with his Migos group-mate Quavo, the two rappers make it look easy snapping a hook like…

“Diamonds on fleek, I’ma rock her to sleep. She get geeked (geeked), no sleep, Percocet freak.”

“On Fleek” is bound to please Migos fans for sure, and it’s radio ready. Other hot work on the album includes “Lick,” “Came A Long Way,” and of course the lead single, “Red Room.” All these tracks have no features – just Offset entertaining the listener.

Platinum-selling J. Cole appears for a hot 16 on the track, “How did I get here.” While the song overall isn’t all that, J. Cole shows us what the track could’ve been with his verse, and delivers the hottest snap on the album with the line…

“I got superstar di** for these bitches now”.

With this album, Offset accomplishes the goal of getting personal with his fans, and theoretically that should help him gain a stronger bond with his audience, but his skill level as a rapper doesn’t seem to have grown enough to make that strategy work. However, this is only his first stab at solo stardom – he’ll probably get better.

I give “FATHER OF 4” by Offset 3 out of 5 Daggers. While he does get personal and revealing on the record, hot production and interesting concepts are sparse for the project – it does not Draw Blood.

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