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We posed the question weeks ago, had R. Kelly finally met his match in Michael Avenatti? Looks like we have our answer to that question – yes, he has. As R. Kelly languishes in jail on sex abuse charges, TMZ is reporting that Avenatti has more tapes that he plans to turn over to prosecutors in Chicago.

R. Kelly has made at least $243 million in the span of his career as an R&B superstar, yet he doesn’t seem to have $100k to simply bail himself out of jail. Could that be a fortune spent on decades of hush-money payments and supporting an extensive operation to abuse young women?

We’re told the new tapes Avenatti will turn over are of R. Kelly and the same girl having sex, but from a year later, around the year 2000 – this tape is longer, about 55 minutes. He reportedly has another sextape of yet another young girl, reportedly between the ages of 13 – 16 years old, also having sex with R. Kelly.

We’ll be following throughout the day, and when it drips we’ll bring it to you. Until next time…

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