All of America seems to be shocked and in disbelief that an old man, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, paid for sex with prostitutes. He’s a grown ass-man, and as long as the ladies in question are grown-ass women, who cares!

People should mind their own business – the local government should mind its business too. They’re about to hold up the life of a billionaire, and put in jeopardy the livelihood of all the people he employs over a misdemeanor with consenting adults. They even have him on videotape getting his little “services,” but it’s all just ridiculous.

Paid consensual sexual encounters are legal in much of the world, and even in America, albeit limited. It’s literally the oldest profession in the book. Lots of people participate in it – women are selling it, men are buying it, and plenty of vise versa action too.

So this fake outrage over Robert Kraft is very interesting, especially since people are selling their sexuality or even outright sex all over our society. If you’ve ever logged on to Instagram, SnapChat and many others, you see women barely dressed and taking off their clothes all day and all night. They do it for followers, which means money, and in-person hook-ups, if the money is right.

Not just “Instagram Models” anymore, everyday women are selling themselves on the internet like this – DM’s don’t lead to bible study sessons, believe it. Even if you don’t participate, you know it’s there in huge numbers.

Much of social media is just a pornographic marketplace for one form of prostitution or another. There are plenty of buyers and more than enough sellers, enough for everybody. You think all those women from the US are going to Dubai for fun? No, they’re working.

Robert Kraft might have thought better than to roll up to the spot in a Bentley, or solicit a dive in a strip mall, but America needs to grow up. Stop overreacting when a grown man does something that men simply do – with lots of help from interested women.

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