The tension’s been building for over a year in anticipation of Lil Pump’s debut studio album. With the success of “Gucci Gang,” and a 2018 full of successful features, Lil Pump has the game in the palm of his hand. All he has to do is deliver.

After waiting for a release date for so long, you have to wonder how Lil Pump’s camp feels about having to fight for sales in what has turned into a crowded field this week. Whatever the projections, I’m not here to talk about numbers. I’m here to judge the quality of the album, “Harverd Dropout,” by Lil Pump. This is a No Cap! Album Review. Let’s go!

The 3 hottest tracks on the project are as follows…

“Be Like Me” by Lil Pump feat. Lil Wayne

“Racks On Racks” by Lil Pump

“Esskeetit” by Lil Pump

Lil Wayne provides the best verse on the album with his feature on the track, “Be Like Me,” a simple track with a slightly quick pace and soft bass thumps for melody. Lil Pump raps “how everybody wants to be like me” but Wayne gets clever with the lyrics….

“Mr. Dwayne Carter, only got one ID, yerr
I know that’s right, you don’t know that life
Stay in your own lane or make me bowl that strike,
Everybody wanna be like me
But there’s only one I in my e-y-e (yeah)”

Another notable song on the album is “Racks On Racks.” There’s a lot of lyrical repetition, but this track keeps the energy up, while Lil Pump sprinkles his style up and down the track. It also comes with a fun visual of Lil Pump with a ray gun and girls, so it’s perfect for his fans.

Another jam that should catch your ear is “Esskeetit.” I’m told it’s a Lil Pump slur of “Let’s Get It,” but who knows, it’s fun to me. That beat is pretty hot too, so it’s a real contender in my eyes.

Other tracks that come off kind of fresh are “Off White,” “Butterfly Doors,” and “Stripper Name.” “Off White” comes right after the track with Lil Wayne and it hits impressive as the beat is hot. However, Lil Pump seems to run out of lyrics and the track is never fully realized – not sure why it was left like that.

In fact, everything on the album is simple, and too damn silly. The project relies far too heavily on Lil Pump’s ad lib game. He could be a hot rhymer one day, but that will require putting actual thought into his rhymes. There’s a lot of money and a lot of heavyweights in the business trying to help Lil Pump be successful – cut the bullsh** and make music, no cap!

I give “Harverd Dropout” by Lil Pump 2 out of 5 Daggers. It’s cool to make funny music sometimes, but “Weird Al” Yankovic put more thought into his gags than Lil Pump put into this solo debut. It does not Draw Blood.

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