YNW Melly is in big trouble, double murder trouble. TMZ has obtained the police report from Marimar, FL that details an elaborate scheme to fool police as to who killed his friends.

Police say YNW Melly and accomplice Cortlen Henry drove around with the dead bodies of their own crewmates, Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr., before Henry approached an Emergency Room spinning a huge lie.

Henry told emergency staff that his two friends were killed in a drive-by shooting, but in fact, police say Henry and YNW Melly had shot their homies in the head, back, and torso, several times.

Police are sure that the first shots actually came from YNW Melly since they have video of his position while riding in the vehicle. They say the two men also shot up the car from the outside so it would look like a drive-by.

Forensics can easily determine how far a bullet has traveled to a human body, but apparently, these guys didn’t realize that. We’ll be watching to see what the next step is for YNW Melly.

Until the next time it drips…

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