Tomorrow, Jordyn Woods will sit down for an interview on the hugely successful Facebook show, “Red Table Talk,” starring Jada Pinkett Smith. Word is she’s going to talk about how afraid she is of Kim Kardashian – she believes Kim is so powerful that her life is essentially ruined since her fateful hook-up with Tristan Thompson.

The Kardashian girls have been really buzzing since the incident, releasing passive aggressive videos and dropping hot pics to assert themselves.

Jordyn sees Jada’s show as a safe space, but can Jada help her keep the money flowing? Friendships aside, Jordyn and the Kardashians are making major cash together. Without the Kardashian link in the fashion and makeup game, what’s Jordyn Woods’ next move? How will she make her cash flow? This will definitely be interesting, and we’ll all be watching.

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