In a very heartfelt and earnest attempt to explain what happened between herself and Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson, Jordyn Woods told Jada Pinkett Smith that Tristan simply took his opportunity, to “shoot his shot.”

Jordyn explained exactly how Tristan walked right up to her, and planted a kiss on her lips, after a night of partying at his house. She described in detail that she was invited by girlfriends to kick it at Tristan’s crib after the club shut down, and how they all were innocently hanging out.

If what Jordyn says is true, then she barely bears any blame for the minimal activity between herself and Tristan that fateful night. Seems like he just got drunk and decided to make a stupid move on an attractive girl.

Until that happened, the two of them hadn’t even done anything wrong, so why does Jordyn feel so bad about just being there? It’s not automatically her fault just because she’s a woman, is it?

The Kardashian clan seems to have totally overblown this circumstance, and it definitely could’ve been handled without all the public statements and shade. Listen to Khloe, as she rages…

Hard to figure how Jordyn broke up her family when Khloe and Tristan didn’t even live together, and he apparently throws house parties with single women when Khloe’s not around. As if he could cheat with any of those other girls, just not Jordyn. What kind of family is that?

Looks like Jordyn’s cards are on the table now, but given how angry Khloe still is, it’s anybody’s guess how long she will continue to be so contrite. This thing is probably just heating up.

Until the next time it drips…