In the annals of Hip Hop history there are very few examples that can even come close to how cringeworthy the circumstance of rapper YNW Melly’s double murder charges in Florida coinciding with the rise of his very unfortunately titled hit song.

The name of the song? “Murder On My Mind.” In the masterpiece he actually chants repeatedly throughout… 🎶”I got Murder On My Mind.”🎶 If that, pray tell, were not enough, in his music video for the song, YNW Melly is depicted maniacally waving around the most dangerous looking automatic weapons and street-heat one can imagine.

Lest I forget, he is also shown roughly handling a dead and bloodied corpse. Coincidentally, that is almost exactly what authorities involved in YNW Melly’s double murder case allege the rapper did to two young men that they also say he shot, point-blank.

The C-Murder homicide case has officially been knocked off the top spot for the very unfortunate, gone too far, and backfiring Hip Hop titles and names list.

I wish him good luck, and good lawyers.

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