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Juice Wrld is back again with another brand new single, and an album release date fast approaching. His sophomore effort, “Deathrace For Love” will drop this Friday, and the field looks good for him to dominate the charts.

“Hear Me Calling” is the second sneak peak single off the record and it keeps consistent the extra emotional, love sick teenage vibe as the album’s title would suggest.

“Hear Me Calling” delivers a slightly island rhythm while Juice Wrld sings his heart out for a girl, as if he’s one click off slitting his wrists if she doesn’t hear him calling. The song is an all in singing experience with very little rap flow detected.

I give “Hear Me Calling” by Juice Wrld 3 out 5 Daggers. It sounds good, but all these sounds have been heard before. Juice seems to be withholding the full array of his talents that make his sound unique – it does not Draw Blood.

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