The streets have been ready for something real for a long time now, and with his fifth studio album, 2 Chainz has delivered the best popular music recording of the year thus far, for all genres. An actual collaboration with Lebron James as A&R on the project, this new album is a work full of highly competent, fully realized musical expressions, something that is rare today. This record reminds us that there are still very talented people even in today’s rap game.

I’m here to examine the album, Rap Or Go To the League, by (Tity Boi) 2 Chainz. This is a No Cap! Album Review. Let’s get to work!

These are the 3 hottest songs on the album…

NCAA by 2Chainz

High Top Versace by 2Chainz & Young Thug

I Said Me by 2Chainz

“NCAA” is the best song on the album. This track encapsulates the theme of the record perfectly, as it reflects what 2 Chainz wants to say about the quandary faced by young men in the NCAA scholarship system – a circumstance he has dealt with himself as a basketball recruit back in the day. With lyrics like…

“Let me get this straight, if I drop 40 today
You don’t care if I eat, you don’t care if I ate
They say, “You better have a good grade like a mixed baby hair”
They say, “We goin’ to the tournament, we gonna need you there.””

This track is full of lyrical surprises, a super hot hook, and a beat that feels like murda in the streets by the time it’s through. This is seriously hot work.

There are several tracks that you could feel strongly about on this album, but my next choice is “High Top Versace” featuring Young Thug. While these guys just seem to be rapping about fashion and girls, this jam is perfectly positioned for brand marketing and tons of radio play. It cranks easy into today’s bounce with lyrics like…

“It’s so crazy how this money start a lot of stuff (What?)
All this motherf**kin’ money startin’ to double up (Startin’ to double up)
Fuck it, look at how much money startin’ to double up (Start to double up)
I got rose gold stars on a Rolls Royce truck (Swerve)
All this motherf**kin’ money startin’ to double up (Double up, double up).”

Young Thug again delivers a great performance and big hit making lyrics.

“I Said Me” is an awesome snap-a-thon from 2 Chainz that does not disappoint. I chose this one because of it’s realism and authenticity, minus the stupid shit we’ve come accustomed to. Snaps you can’t ignore like…

“Yeah, my daughter asked me what a drug dealer was
I said me, uh
When the lawyer asked me what a f**kin’ killer was
I said me, uh
When the bitch asked me what a real nigga was
I said me, haha, yeah
Overseas in a yacht, they askin’ who it was
I said me.”

This one really grips you, and it gets hard to look away.

The truth is, there are several more songs here that really satisfy, like “I’m Not Crazy, Life Is,” “Sam,” and “Forgiven” featuring Marsha Anbrosius. Chance The Rapper & Kodak Black are featured in “I’m Not Crazy, Life Is,” and it’s a must listen.

Arianna Grande is featured on the album in the song “Rule The World” and it’s nice work. Travis Scott appears as well on the track “Whip,” but the aforementioned track called “Sam” is life – “Threat 2 Society” is life, so don’t miss them.

I give the album, Rap Or Go To The League, by 2 Chainz 4 out of 5 Daggers Drippin’. In a breath of fresh air for 2019, 2 Chainz offers an album that truly connects with the people, and it does Draw Blood.

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