Not one to be pushed around in life, has Michael Jackson finally become the fall guy that American media tried to make him when he was alive?

Michael railed against the big record companies and called music industry leaders evil. He navigated the industry since childhood, secured deals and acquisitions that made him a billionaire, and remained dogged in pursuit of fair deals for his own music. His activities also earned him big enemies.

Or is he actually the monster they say…

His records are again being shelved across the country. That’s right, again… this isn’t the first “Mute Michael Jackson” movement. The HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland” is just the latest entry.

In life Michael slayed dragons, but now that he’s gone, it seems big media wants another shot at finishing the job they couldn’t get done when he was alive – dead men can’t defend themselves.

You can’t tell another how to feel, and you’ll never know what’s in someone’s heart. However, it’s hard to imagine not one, but two men wanting to publicly rehash such personal traumas, especially since the alleged offender is dead, unless it’s all for money.

You’re talking Oprah, HBO, and all kinds of 24/7 media coverage – everything they’re doing is working too. The Michael Jackson Estate is scrambling, as the singer’s legacy and riches are again under assault.

We’ll see where the whole thing goes, but the direction seems clear – it’s a paper chase, even though Mike is not even here.

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