Singer Khelani, as you can see, is very pregnant, and looks happy and content in the home stretch before baby arrives. Only 23 years old, unmarried and in the tour-life grind of a hot popstar’s career, Khelani told Essence that she planned to get pregnant when she did.

She claimed that she planned her conception with her bandmate, Javie Young-White. She describes her own sexuality as fluid, and says that’s why she was attracted to Javie because he was too. She goes on…

“I started dating women before I ever dated men. Then I was lucky to find a partner who was a bisexual male. And he really understands my queerness and my fluidity, and I really understand his. It’s very awesome to be understood,” she explained.

Women finding themselves in relationships with bisexual men is nothing new, but women intentionally seeking effeminate males for relationships and procreation seems to be a new frontier.

There are several examples these days that could be cited, but the circumstance of Khelani and Javie is one where the participants have disclosed their sexual preferences, and the singer has boldly shared her perspective.

Could this kind of hookup soon be the ideal, natural pairing for today’s sexually fluid millenials? Khelani should be respected for her honesty about her personal life, but one day we may also have to respect her for being a pioneer.

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