Rapper YBN Almighty Jay got beat down several times over the weekend in New York City. While filming a documentary about himself, of course, the rapper and his crew first got confronted inside Saks Fith Avenue. He got kicked around by a gang of guys as they started urging each other to snatch his chain.

Take his chain they did, and the violent disturbance spilled into the streets of New York City, and YBN Almighty was seriously hurt.

He’s currently being investigated for doing a similar thing to another rapper by the name of Skinnyfromthe9, where he was caught on a surveillance camera taking Skinnyfromthe9’s chain and making off with huge money.

YBN Almighty denies he did the crime for sure, but could his unfortunate circumstance just be a taste of karma coming back, and literally pushing him in the face, a lot?

Oh, and them boys are taunting him on Instagram, showing his chain everywhere they can.

Until the next time it drips…

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