If you watched RHOA Sunday night you caught a sneak peek inside Kandi’s kinky, sexy “Welcome To The Dungeon” burlesque show, and you also saw a girl on girl straddle for the ages!

Kandi sat Cynthia in a chair center stage, put her head between Cynthia’s legs, and asked if she was “wet yet?” She then did an awesome face roll down there and began to straddle Cynthia, real hot and sexy.

The sexual tension between these two has been bubbling for a while, and even the show’s producers decided to run through all the times the two brought up kissing one another. Looks like they both got a chance to get real hands roamy.

Some even say that’s why Cynthia let her ex-husband Peter go – to get more in touch with her girl side.

Kandi and the crew are going on tour with their sexy show, also to include the singing talents of Shamari DeVoe. Check out some of the freaks that came out at night to be a part of the taping…

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