Jussie Smollett is obviously still in the middle of a Hollywood production in his mind. He sashayed into a courtroom yesterday in a fine trenchcoat and dark glasses, obviously performing for the cameras.

It’s quite clear he’s not in touch with reality and the seriousness of his situation. He’s on the hook for 16 felony counts and a possible 60-plus years in prison. He won’t get that much time, but he will be made an example of, and even a couple years in the penitentiary is likely to break the Empire pretty boy.

He didn’t even have to appear at the hearing, but it’s clear, he needs those cameras. He also apparently wanted cameras in the courtroom during his trial, and the judge obliged.

He’s a guy that was an icon, and he could easily have become a legend, but he let his arrogance run wild. Looks like it’s still taking him for a ride.

Until the next time it drips…

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