Last night, music mogul and street boss J. Prince spoke again about the attack on young rapper, YBN Almighty Jay, in NYC. Almighty Jay was hurt pretty badly, and ended up with a huge wound covering the entire left side of his face – it was brutal. He showed his wound last night on Instagram…

The last time, J. Prince tagged some East Coast Hip Hop representatives in his post, urging them to “speak now” if the robbers were family to them, so the situation can be worked out.

This time though, he aimed his attention at media and those who misinterpreted what he said. He wants all to know that he doesn’t need help to deal with the robbing crew in question, and he went on to say a lot – check it out…

As you can see, he talks about how “young men on the east coast” invited other men for oral sex. Of the so called “gangster clowns” he tells them, “I’m going to give you what you ask for.”

It’s clear J. Prince is not going to let this go, and with the serious injuries sustained by his rapper, you can see why. However, is J. Prince going too far?

If something terrible befalls the guys who robbed Almighty Jay, could J. Prince be automatically implicated because of these words?

This is an interesting situation, and we’ll be paying attention to what develops with it. Until the next time it drips….

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