They waited for him to show up at his PO’s office for a regular visit, and then they got him. Soulja Boy was arrested for violating probation because he had ammunition in his home.

Back around Christmas time, a female called the police to Soulja Boy’s house because she got into a drunken catfight. She wrecked her car in his driveway and accused Soulja Boy of assaulting her. Turned out he never even got close to the alleged victim that night, but looks like she’s having the last laugh.

The cops found ammunition while roaming around the rapper’s pad, and that clearly violates his probation – a probation that has gone on for an exhausting 8 years. This is the same kind of abusive probation sentencing that rapper Meek Mill had to fight in order to get out of jail.

If it’s not one thing, it will be another. A life and career on hold while “Young Draco” begins what could be a long fight for his freedom.

We’ll be following the happenings in this situation, and you’ll know when we know. Until the next time it drips…

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