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We probably can all agree that if Young M.A just grabbed a mic and dropped a track on Kodak Black’s ass, she would chop him up like a Ninja, str8 Ginsu. Instead, it looks like the female rhyme ace is bewildered, stunted, and stuck… wondering why? Check…

It seems like she’s wondering, “Why is this guy coming for me like this?” For that matter, why are so many guys, “nig**s,” as she would say, so excited about what Kodak said about her?

In a recent release of a new single called “Pimpin’ Ain’t Eazy,” Kodak Black said…

“I’m f**kin’ Young M.A, long as she got a coochie.”

He also used her name and the word “dyke” on the hook throughout the song, and mentioned Dej Loaf & Missy Elliot.

After hearing that M.A didn’t like it, Kodak Black posted this…

While Young M.A still looks lost…

Young M.A is lookin’ weak right now. However, in this post she called herself “weird,” and implied that Kodak Black was “weird” too. Wonder what that means….

He’s obviously young and very interested in masculine women, but that’s not Young M.A’s problem. All her fans need her to do is find a booth and put murda on the track on Kodak Black.

He shoulda never called her name.

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