Cardi B recently filed a lawsuit against a blogger, LaTasha K, who is known for conspiracy theories and unfounded accusations against celebrities. After sending several letters asking that she cease and desist, to no avail, Cardi B and her lawyers decided to go full throttle with the litigation.

At issue are the blogger’s many bombastic videos that she’s released over the last year claiming, among other things, that Cardi’s baby might be born with intellectual disabilities. She and another woman that claimed to be Cardi B’s roommate at one time, also alleged the rapper was a prostitute, and is infected with the herpes virus.

So it’s very clear why Cardi B wants to shut her operation down. But LaTasha K is unrepentant, and she gleefully awaits the coming battle. See how she rolls…

Until a judge decides, all the offensive material can stay up and there’s nothing Cardi B can do about it. In the meantime, we’ll watch the happenings here for you – until the next time it drips….

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