After a frightening video surfaced of a white man, named Austin Shuffield, savagely beating up a young black woman on the streets of Dallas, Texas, rapper T.I. has called for rap industry hood figures in Dallas to act and deliver street justice.

As you can see in the video, Shuffield first pulled a gun on the woman, and when she tried to call 911, he violently knocked her cellphone to the ground. When the woman hit him back, he began to violently pummel her with targeted strikes to the face and body, as she had no way to defend herself from his blows, alone at 4am.

Interestingly, a “Mob Ties” call was put out by rap mogul J. Prince recently, in response to the beating and robbery of rapper YBN Almighty Jay in NYC. That act created a lot of attention, and has largely been seen as successful.

It now seems there is a precedent for this kind of hood justice, and many feel that it’s even more fitting since this circumstance actually involves a defenseless black woman.

Austin Shuffield was eventually arrested and has been charged with assault and impeding a 911 call, but the woman’s lawyers demand he also be charged with a hate crime. They allege he went on a racist tirade before he started to beat her up.

Here’s a look at the “Big Man” in question…

Not sure what his background is, but many are calling him a Neo Nazi and woman beater. Many sites are also giving out his address and phone number.

We won’t do that here, but you can clearly see what kind of man he really is. When we get more information on the case we’ll be sure to let you know.

Until the next time it drips….