Since rapper Cardi B went public with her defamation suit against bombastic blogger LaTasha K, old Instagram Live videos have now surfaced that show Cardi B admitting to an array of crimes against men. Have a listen to a couple and decide for yourself…

And this one…

As you can hear in the first video, she plainly says, “I drugged nig**s up, and I robbed them.” She seems to say that’s what she had to do to survive, yet the video leads off with her saying she spent $50, 000 for studio time. Studio time = survival in some people’s minds these days, it’s just true.

In the other video she sounds down right diabolical as she seems to describe what could be considered conspiracy to sexually assault men. As you can hear, she describes coordinating threesomes which involve trans women. She details that the “tranny” would sexually assault an unwitting, drugged man – a man she herself orchestrates drugging.

There’s a lot to unpack in just these two videos, and who knows if there are more.

What, if anything, does this mean for Cardi and her many lucrative endorsement deals? It seems she’s worried about that herself. Last night she dropped this message on Instagram…

The heat appears to be getting hot in the MeToo era, even for women. While Cardi B states she has regrets about the “crimes” in her past, she didn’t even come close to an apology. In fact she says these men were “willing.” Not sure where you find people willing to be robbed and sexually assaulted, but… ok.

We’re going to follow this one for sure – until the next time it drips….

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