We’ve only heard about Lanita Carter’s story, first through rumor and innuendo over the years and then by way of court filings, detailing the many mischiefs of singer R. Kelly.

Never before has she confirmed her story, and never before have we seen her face… until now.

Lanita Carter has an extremely credible, lucid, and graphic account to tell about her one on one experience with R. Kelly back in February, 2003. Have a listen as she describes the shock and humiliation she felt when R. Kelly came out of his bag on her, for the first time….

As you can see, her account of what R. Kelly allegedly did to her that day is sickening.

She received between $700k – $800k from R. Kelly for having to suffer through that experience, and since Chicago State’s Attorney Kim Foxx publicly called for all victims and witnesses to come forward in the case, Lanita Carter finally got a chance to speak, and tell her truth.

We’ll be following her journey from now on. Until the next time it drips.

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