Before his untimely death, rapper Nipsey Hussle had planned a Gang Summit with top brass of the LAPD, scheduled for today @ 4PM.

Due to fast work by Roc Nation reps, looks like the summit will go on as scheduled, but this just adds more irony to the tragic circumstance of Nipsey Hussle’s killing.

He was a neighborhood guy that got rich and kept his money in the Hood. Nipsey was shot in front of his own business, The Marathon Clothing store, his pride and joy. He opened the store in south L. A. in 2017, and employed people in the area who were in need of opportunities.

He opened several other businesses, applying the same employment methods, and invested in real estate without gentrifying the community.

We’ll be reporting on the Gang Summit which goes down at 4 PM, so stay tuned.

Until the next time it drips….

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