LAPD authorities are pretty certain they know who killed rapper Nipsey Hussle. A guy by the name of Eric Holder, otherwise known as “Shitty Cuz,” is the man police believe is on the widely circulated video surveillance tape of the murder.

If you’re thinking, wait, what… Yes, these guys are the same crew – this was an inside hit. Here is a much clearer look at what happened that day…

There were at least seven cameras inside Nipsey’s store, and the gunman was so brazen that he didn’t even wear a mask. Not to mention, as stated earlier, they all know this guy.

Listen to an insider talk about the real heart of the matter…

This insider says Nipsey Hussle told the would-be-killer not to come around because he was a “snitch.” As we all know now, sadly, he did come back around.

We’ll be working to find out what was the specific nature of the “snitch” label given to the gunman. As you may know, snitching can mean very different things to different people.

Until the next time it drips….

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