Actresses Felicity Huffmam and Lori Loughlin are both in court today on their conspiracy to commit wire fraud cases. All the other rich parents involved with the bribery and college admissions cheating scandal are set to appear as well.

Most expect the actresses to take plea deals to avoid jail time. Are they going to get away with it? Felicity Huffman and her husband, famous actor William H. Macy, paid $15k in a conspiracy to cheat on the SAT for their daughter. They actually had the test proctor in their pocket. They did it, it worked, and the girl got in.

Lori Loughlin and her husband created a web of lies for their two daughters. The couple paid $500k to head scammer William Singer, giving the girls new identities as Crew team members in order to get in to UCLA. They did it, it worked, and the girls got in – total sham!

Unless they have a really big fish to offer, it’s hard to see how they avoid at least some jail time. But money talks… and judges are people too, so who knows what will happen.

Until the next time it drips…

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