Travis is calling Kylie “wifey” again and it’s got everybody speculating as to when he’s going to pop the question. The major consensus is there’s zero chance that he won’t – no guy goes around saying that word lightly.

They’ll probably be the youngest billion dollar power couple ever. When you consider that Kylie is only 21 years old and is already on the most elite Forbes list on her own, the couple’s money making potential is staggering.

Travis is only worth a measly $25 million or so at the moment, and for now he’s only focused on his music. However, when he makes the turn to marketing products and services, his net worth will likely explode as well. Travis’ popularity is off the charts – he sells out huge stadiums all over the world, a true rockstar.

It’s going to be awesome to see how their story unfolds. First things first though… they both have to seal the deal.

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