Justine Skye is making big noise with her latest single, “Build.” The jam has actually been out for months, but it’s picking up in radio play as the fans start to realize they need her kind of medicine.

With the lyrics, ” If I could build a nig**, like really build a nig**,” Justine Skye is setting the pins up just to knock them all down when her new album comes out.

Featuring Arin Ray, “Build” is a sultry, melodic plea from a girl that just can’t seem to find all the right things in a man. This one is laced with hot lyrics and R&B vocals that are on point.

I give “Build” by Justine Skye 4 out of 5 Daggers Drippin’. This is a great start to her next album and it does draw blood. No album date yet, but Justine’s sophomore project is shaping up great.

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