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Los Angeles Lakers President and Hall of Fame legend, Magic Johnson, abruptly resigned his post after the Lakers ended a three-year losing streak last night.

Visibly shaken, almost to tears, Magic sited several reasons for his departure including backstabbing, not having “fun,” and his desire to tweet. You might have thought old school guys were built tougher than that, but have a listen…

Seems clear he wanted to fire head coach Bill Walton earlier in the season, but he didn’t get the green light until the end, so he has legitimate gripes. However, for a man that claims to love an organization, to then leave said organization after it’s had three losing seasons with no Head Coach or President in place, is just piss poor behavior.

Winning championships is about talent, hard work, and perseverance through the struggles – not having fun and tweeting. Here’s another…

The “backstabbing” comment has gone unexplained, but it’s clear Magic Johnson would rather be a big brother to the guys than a leader for the Lakers. When it comes down to it, Magic already has his rings, so he’s not sweating.

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