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Yesterday a judge in California decided to hold Soulja Boy without bail… at least until his next hearing on April 30th.

The judge was upset that Soulja did not complete court ordered community service, and the judge believes he falsified documents to give the appearance that he did.

Although he’s been on probation since 2014, Soulja doesn’t really act like it, as he films himself doing things that appear to be illegal all the time, like using illegal drugs among other things.

However, the issue that seems to have gotten Soulja Boy locked up this time is that of ammunition found in his home back in early February. An ex-girlfriend crashed the gate at his house, but the girl called the police on him.

She spun a tail of being kidnapped, but had no evidence to support the claim. Still, police searched the rapper’s house and found ammunition. That is a no no, so much so that Soulja’s been locked up three times now behind this issue.

No word on what kind of ammo or how much. Ammunition is something that could have been around his home long before the probation, maybe he didn’t even know it was there.

We’ll keep an eye on his situation from here – until the next time it drips…

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