The Game gets Nipsey chest tattoo

Rapper The Game has obviously been taking the death of Nipsey Hussle very hard since Nipsey was gunned down last week in the streets of L.A. Or shall I say, he was in front of his own store – a tax paying business owner in the city of Los Angeles. The Game has had to fight with his fellow rappers, his own mixed emotions, and now he’s set his aim at the LAPD.

Listen to the tape The Game claims is proof LAPD officers were saying disgusting things about Nipsey Hussle and his family during services yesterday…

For their part, TMZ reports LAPD officials deny it’s their officers heard on the recording, but no mention of an investigation.

After publicly tangling with fellow rapper Kodak Black over some disrespectful remarks he made about Nipsey Hussle’s widow, Lauren London, The Game has struggled to deal with the death of his friend and come to terms with what’s next. Usually outspoken, listen as he struggles to find words…

Other than the actions of these officers, whomever they may be, Nipsey’s homegoing was a beautiful experience. Let’s hope The Game and the whole South L.A. community can come out of this tragedy in a much better place.

R.I.P. King Nipsey Hussle.

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