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Louisiana rapper and label boss Boosie Badazz predicted fan response before the death of Nipsey Hussle.

Sometime last year Boosie delivered this fiery IG Live post about the R.I P. Hip Hip Culture that has emerged in recent years with the rap music fan base. See how he snaps…

Unfortunately, it seems Boosie Badazz hit the nail right on the head. While Nipsey Hussle had become very popular in the last year and garnered critical acclaim for his recent Grammy nominations, Nipsey has never been a really hot seller.

At last check his music had jumped in sales by 279%. You may say that happens with all artists with untimely deaths, but keep in mind, Nipsey Hussle was already in the height of his career when he died.

Many of his celebrity friends, like Master P and others, are now pointing out that Nipsey had a hard time getting work in the music industry and sales from his fans, but it looks like Boosie Badazz already knew what time it was.

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