Yesterday when Soulja Boy logged on for an IG Live session, the natural assumption was that he had been sprung from jail. Most of you know he was locked up recently for violating his probation agreement, so anybody that logged on to watch got an even bigger surprise than they bargained for.

Soulja Boy’s house was robbed and the crooks filmed themselves bragging about it, with Soulja’s stolen phone. TMZ has a good copy of the robbing crew’s Live session…

As you can see… sheer stupidity was at play as they clearly displayed their faces. However, if these are in fact the culprits, the damage done is no laughing matter. It’s being reported the criminals got away with over $500k worth of jewelry and $100k straight cash.

They say the cash came from a safe in Soulja Boy’s house. How crooks like these could crack a safe before the cops showed up would need to be explained, but either way, rap superstar Soulja Boy has just taken another major loss.

We’ll let you know where the story goes from here, but expect a new court hearing for Soulja on April 30th. Until the next time it drips….

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