When Kodak Black pulled a no-show for a show in Boston last night, it caused damn near a riot in the streets. Pissed off fans got rowdy and started rocking Kodak’s tour bus. Police had to handle the situation.

Turns out Kodak Black had been arrested at the US border on gun and weed charges. TMZ reports police encountered the rapper and his crew on the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge where police found marijuana on the rapper and also found am undeclared gun in the vehicle.

Another car following Kodak and his crew was also pulled over. Three people were arrested out of that bunch. They had weed, guns, extendo clips and all that. That means four guys in total, included Kodak, were taken into custody.

Word is that he’s already been bailed out of jail, but not before he paid $20k on an all cash bond. With the “ZEZE” rapper’s other legal troubles, too many to enumerate right now, this arrest could spell really bad news.

We’ll just have to see what happens next… Until the next time it drips….