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A weed toker’s most favorite day has now come and gone, but the smoke remains. Every year the 420 crowd seems to find bigger and better ways to celebrate.

Parties in Colorado and festivals like Coachella seem to serve as the ultimate hosts for baked-out gatherings.

Wiz Khalifa dropped an album to set the day off, and opened a competition for fans to smoke-out with him on tour.

See how Wiz and other celebrities like Lil Duval and Lil Pump celebrated the big day…

Lil Duval was beaming as he frolicked on a farm of green enchantments…

Lil Pump & Smoke Purpp hopped in on a podcast with endless giggles…

Wherever you were, All Day Drip hopes your holiday went off without a hitch. Until next year my friends, put it in the air and stay baked.

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