In what he said was his first performance in two years, pop superstar Justin Beiber took to the stage with one of the few people in the world he can actually consider a peer… Ariana Grande.

With an awkward approach and a slightly dazed look, Justin Beiber sang his last big hit, “Sorry” accompanied by, or more precisely, guided by, Ariana to a successful end.

Justin not only stopped to praise Ariana for her graciousness, he also let the crowd know that he was rusty and he was looking to get his “swag” back.

A good mention, as he was performing alongside the biggest music star in the world in Ariana Grande. She’s at the top of her game and is actually touring the world on two new albums, in less than a year.

We know Justin’s been more vocal lately as he and his new wife get used to their new life together. He was also part of Lil Dicky’s new celebrity filled music video recently, and now we know why. On stage he announced his new album was coming soon.

We’ll bring it to you when we know more. Until the next time it drips….

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