For the first time, Kim Kardashian confirmed she and Kanye West are actually starting a church with their wildly popular Sunday Service act.

For months now Kanye’s true intentions with the group have been shrouded in mystery, with moves steeped in stark irony, like setting Kanye’s very secular songs to gospel arrangements and melodies, or having private jam sessions yet posting the happenings out to Kim and Kanye’s millions upon millions of followers with no explanation or even a peep as to what’s going on.

After setting attendance records at Coachella with Sunday Service, Kim Kardashian posted this online, admitting the couple’s true goals all along with the Sunday Service choir…

“COACHELLA 2019. Sunday Service was so special to experience here at Coachella especially for my first time here! Kanye started Sunday Service for healing for himself and his close and family and friends. He had this vision of starting a church for few years and it was magical seeing everyone else get to experience it. I’m so proud of you babe for doing exactly whats in your heart. The choir and band work so hard and have so much fun! It’s so inspiring to watch. Thank you to everyone who woke up early to spend Easter Sunday with us. It’s a memory we will cherish forever.”

It appears the Coachella Music Festival has served as an awesome launching pad for what we now know is truly “The Church of Ye.” They got 50k people to show up to a 9 AM concert in the desert, an awesome accomplishment.

It’s going to be very interesting to see where it all goes from here, now that phase one of Kim and Kanye’s big plan is apparently over, with mission accomplished. Is establishing a house of worship next on the list?

Until the next time it drips….

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