Many of you may know that Pop music icon Britney Spears recently suffered a mental break and is currently getting treatment at a mental facility in California, but now we know she actually put herself there.

There’s been lots of speculation that she’s been forced to take certain drugs and forced into her current stay at the facility by her father and conservator, Jamie. TMZ is reporting that it’s all not true.

They say Britney’s long standing court ordered conservatorship does not allow for her father to force treatment on her in any way. However, as depicted by the many pictures we’ve seen of the “Oops I did it Again” singer, her situation is very serious – there’s a real threat of suicide dangers.

Apparently she was on a drug cocktail that lost it’s potency with her, and doctors are trying hard to find the right mix. She is set to be released from the mental health facility she’s staying at soon, but from the looks of her on Easter Sunday when she got a day pass to visit with family, don’t count on Britney leaving anytime soon.

We’ll keep you posted – until the next time it drips…

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