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Like a broken record, we’re always hearing about rappers, usually young brothas getting arrested for weed possession and gun charges. Do rappers even know guns are legal in the US?

The answer may seem obvious, but really, do they get that they can do this all legally? Without all the going to jail for years, and the screwing up of careers?

Maybe not for an individual with criminal record issues, but for everyone else, yes, buy all the guns you like. If you’re a rich and famous rapper, just hire people who can protect you with the firepower your heart desires.

Jumping to the point, rapper Kodak Black has suffered a second setback on his big North American tour over, mainly, illegal gun possession.

The irony is that guns and even concealed carry of guns is legal in all states of the union. Even semi-autos are legal in most states, assault rifles… get what you want, you just have to follow a few rules.

TMZ reports the FBI and local police in D.C. arrested five of Kodak Black’s men outside of a concert venue after searching Kodak’s tour bus. If you’re counting, that’s on top of the four arrested just last week at the Canadian border, and that dust-up included the rap superstar himself.

Some people literally own tanks. There’s a very powerful lobbying arm in this country that helps protect gun owners and their rights. They call themselves the NRA, and they love you. Correction, they love your donations, but let’s not split hairs.

It’s also being reported that the financial fallout from the incident is substantial. Kodak Black’s whole Canadian leg of the tour has been canceled. That all has nothing to do with the criminal implications for Kodak Black himself, already a convicted felon.

Are Kodak Black and other trouble prone rappers like him gluttons for punishment? Are the neurons not firing properly or something?

There’s a video going around highlighting how much money rappers are spending on shopping trips just buying sneakers alone – $40,000 plus for one of them.

While I didn’t witness Kodak Black in said video, my point is, these artists blow insane amounts of money on sheer stupidity all the time. It’s not that hard to invest in appropriate security measures and armed personnel.

With all that rap money, any giving artist could buy himself some real warriors for protection, not boys running around with weed and throw away toys.

It’s like they don’t even know this is America.

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