R. Kelly’s legal team has recently filed documents claiming the troubled legendary R&B singer has a learning disability that renders him illiterate.

We recently told you the “I Believe” singer lost a sex abuse civil case to a woman named Heather Williams because he failed to show up to a court hearing. Ms. Williams won herself a default judgement – only thing left to do is decide how much R. Kelly will have to pay her.

However, R. Kelly’s lawyers take issue with the way he was served papers about the case because he was incarcerated at the time over nonpayment of child support.

They claim R. Kelly can’t read, so he didn’t understand the documents, therefore the process was flawed. Now they’re asking the judge in the case for a do- over, and they also say they didn’t know anything about the fact Kels had been served.

In this last ditch effort to save his case, the singer’s lawyer’s are admitting to something that’s actually been rumored about R. Kelly since his first case over sex abuse and rape, back in 2006.

It was said back then that he couldn’t read. His ex wife, Andrea Kelly has alluded to his reading challenges over the years, but R. Kelly himself has never copped to such an affliction. Perhaps the time has come to finally come clean about his disability.

It’ll be interesting to see if the singer can actually provide proof of his claims. We know he can “Bump and Grind,” but it’s hard to believe he can’t read after being such a high performing individual for all these years.

We’ll keep you posted on the happenings for sure. Until the next time it drips…

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