Legendary southern rapper Bun B is credited with shutting down a dangerous home invader. A criminal by the name of Demonte Jackson had allegedly been terrorizing Bun B’s neighborhood when the bold villain decided to hit the rapper’s house.

Bun B’s wife was home at the time, and she answered the door only to find a masked, gun wielding Jackson, looking for a come up. Somehow she lured the robber to the garage where her husband, Bun B, pulled out the strap, as the two men got into a deadly gun battle.

TMZ reports Bun B shot Jackson in the shoulder, but the youthful robber was able to get away and ran off. However, the “Big Pimpin'” rapper refused let it go at that. Bun B hopped in his ride and chased Jackson down in an attempt to hold him for police.

Though he ended up getting away again, running and bleeding into the night, Bun B was able to unmask the crook and identify him to police.

Because of his injuries, Jackson was forced to seek medical treatment, and that’s how authorities were able to capture the young punk.

Not only did he protect his family, it seems rapper Bun B has also rid his community of the worst kind of criminal, one willing to breach a home while a family is still inside, an extremely dangerous move. Thankfully this time, the robber got the worst of it.

Congratulations to big Bun B! Until the next time it drips….

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