Soulja Boy has come to a day of reckoning for violating his probation. TMZ reports that a judge in California sentenced the rapper to 240 days behind bars, and 265 days of community service.

Soulja Boy is known for repeatedly reminding everyone that he had “the biggest comeback of 2018.”… Well his 2019 has quickly turned to shit.

It started with a February arrest over fake news from a drunken ex-girlfriend. The police searched Soulja’s house, and that led to very real evidence the judge used today to put a hold on Soulja Boy’s life for the rest of the year.

They found ammunition in his home, a clear violation of his probation agreement. The judge also thinks Soulja conspired to falsify documents concerning the last community service order he was given.

He has a huge new record deal and he recently posted about shows lined up in Vegas, so this has got to be a tough pill to swallow. The industry waits for no one.

Social media is a strong lure, but this might teach Soulja Boy not to brag about his every success… You only give your enemies a much easier target to hit.

Until the next time it drips…

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