Social media guru and business woman Blac Chyna just bought herself a beautiful white Rolls Royce Dawn the other day, and she let her fans share in the moment it was delivered to her home on Instagram. Check her out…

Immediately, many of her followers were wondering exactly how she could be buying a $350,000 vehicle when TMZ recently reported she’s being sued for skipping the lease on her home to the tune of almost $50k. She apparently abandoned the mansion five months early with damages to the property. Then she quickly leased another one, as seen in the background of the video above.

On top of all that, Blac Chyna and her role in a Harvard admissions scam is starting to come under scrutiny. It’s all been exposed as a PR stunt that required cheating on Harvard’s actual test material. Blac Chyna displayed a fake admissions letter online to her millions of fans, and the university is really pissed about it.

We know from the ongoing Felicity Huffman college admissions federal court case, conspiring to defraud a college’s admissions process can wind you up in federal court. Shouldn’t Blac Chyna probably just lay low right now? Is it wise to buy a Rolls Royce when people know you don’t even own the place where you lay your head?

We’ll keep following the developments – until the next time it drips…

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